Quote by Eric to start it
“In my space, shining my moon so they can see it from out of space”

I write poems on the regular. So you’d think I read them all the time too. My secret – my favorite poet is the rapper Wale. He rhymes on beat and sometimes recites his words a capella. Combined with beats from some of the best, it’s more digestible. So I can’t even blame people for not clicking when I share a poem. But you should know, in another lifetime I would have been a rapper cause I write my rhymes like Wale.

How do you make poetry like Wale?
One thing we have in common is wordplay and sports references. As he so eloquently put it “Wordplay like a motherf*****, I’m Durant at the Rucker, your woman’s a perfect jumper”. I toned down my sports references outside of my blog the Dark Unicorn because I know I don’t live on the continent where my favorite sports are played – neither do my audience. I have instead tried to find the elements of sports that most people can relate to.

golden state warriors shrug GIF by NBA

The rhythm of a rap
To wrap it up, one of my favorite albums by Wale is The Gifted, my greatest gift is my intuition and his greatest body of work – Ambition. So I might rhymes like Wale because it’s hard not to be influenced when I had ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ as my ringtone for 365 days. I’m working to make my writing elite here and I know it might have been 366 days if it was a leap year!

The bottom line:
If I sound like a rapper that’s not critique that’s high praise, and it might just mean that you’ll listen!

Do you think being a student of rap is sufficient for wanting to be a poet? Have rappers perfected rhyming?

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