Witty as a comedian – ah hell, will they give me two for forty million like Chappelle

I just need a hit man, this is my foray into poetry like Walt Whitman

It’s dope so you’ll need a hit yourself

Overflowing in spiritual wealth

Because I’m happy, with perspective, and a degree of self-knowledge on my shelf

Next to my master’s – studied English but I know people, know what a snake in the grass is


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Leaves of grass

Are your friends real if they leave your ass?


Life gets in the way

New chapter, new paragraph, friendship is a word and a choice to die for – not a life sentence

We aren’t on death row, and a friendship ending means you have to let go


One day they’ll get my autograph

I’m joking but you see the picture, like a photograph


They’re still real cuz they do what’s real for them

Them leaving your ass might be heaven sent

Your friendship was like a bad experiment


You weren’t meant to have at-the-same-time-infants

Babies together

The storm came, and they moved on to better weather

Better pastures

So, you won’t be together when it’s time to change those Pampers

Man, a cure for the bad days is looking back at the good ones with laughter

Like they were a manicurist and you were the one getting pampered

Nas called it a second childhood

They are full of more shit than any baby

I’d say bite me, but I don’t wanna get rabies


Cuz you’re a sick puppy

Thinking young Eric is anything but empowering and lovely

I don’t ask why you don’t love me

We don’t hang out and we’re both lucky


Big dog status, and my voice is husky

I won’t let you milk my magic like soya

If you can’t see my potential like when Allen Iverson was on the Georgetown Hoyas

If you couldn’t see it like when he was a rookie in Philly


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When I win my awards, playing for the championship – you better not come near me


And how do I say this without sounding bitter

You might think I’m one of many, but I’m the pick of the litter

You’re like a liter of milk in the sun gone bad

Being friends with you never meant much – I’m all about being my mom’s son

And a future dad



Diary closed


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