The prequel

By tiring my body will I empower my soul?
Writing about whatever wherever – will that be the most fulfilling experience ever? Something I’ll cherish forever.

My own boss, my own manager, I’ve developed my self-motivation level even more in recent years. Let’s see where I can take it when writing for myself only. I’ll even admit I still want to pop. But it’s gonna be so many lessons passed down to me like to a son from their pops.

I’ll still spend my time away from work specializing in technical writing things like SEO.

I just ordered safety shoes for work. Got em so I don’t break my feet on the job.
That combined with me having to designate an emergency contact person for if I bust my ass, means we are close to matching the excitement of writing.

It might mean a start of better things.

Maybe I needed a further humbling.
To lose any features of an academic snob.
Even though I never saw myself as smart as my grades suggested.
Even though I didn’t see myself as smart for overcoming all kinds of challenges to get two degrees.

I just have insane determination and perseverance.

And that’s why I can live with myself win, lose or draw!

I was humble to start with, but maybe I needed to be taken down a notch, to lead like I know I will one day in my community!