Hey there,
have you ever wanted to be better at outreach. Could be for sales, journalism, friendship – have you just wanted to boss up and make power moves? It all starts with one step. These are my thoughts on how writing can build confidence.

Scroll down to the bottom for a chance to hear an actor from the King of Queens read one of my poems! Read the whole blog if you want to know how I made it happen.

Build confidence with poetry
The beauty of writing poems, is observing yourself get better till it finally clicks.
When it’s ready to share, let the world see it – they are usually gentle with their feedback.

Get confidence from journalist experience
Journalism can be a great confidence builder, from bugging people for interviews to conducting them, it truly gets better with time.

Also just sitting down and doing something as productive and fulfilling as writing when you could have procrastinated – will make you proud of yourself.

Writing as the bridge to getting what’s yours
Have you ever wanted what’s your? I know in my personal case – I want all the smoke!

So it wasn’t enough for me to meet Grammy and Emmy nominees and interview them – I had them read things I’ve written as well!

Way more memorable than a selfie, and you can reach a larger audience!

Poetry confidence corner
Making a mini movie, like the 90s, die-hard like I’m pesky. Do I amuse you – am I Joe Pesci. Hard to kill like the metamorphosis insect, and always stimulating my mind to foster my intellect!

Listen to this clip of Patton Oswalt who played Spence on the King of Queens reading a particularly important piece to me. It’s inspired by a true story – ever thought your friendships were temporary – comment below.