Artists are bursting on to the music scene off of hit singles, rather than full albums, and music streaming is at the center of it all. It has had a direct effect on who comes and performs concerts in Copenhagen. Whenever I’ve spoken to musicians ahead of their Copenhagen shows, this question inevitably comes up of whether streaming is good or bad. I have one question for you: Do you listen to albums fully?

Golden days before music streaming
Before the days of music streaming, I remember buying Puff Daddy singles in the 90’s with the remix and a few different versions of my favorite songs on the disc. An even stronger memory is listening to everything from Backstreet Boys to Will Smith and later to 2pac, from cover to cover. Sometimes singing it back, sometimes copying the dance routines from the music videos.

It was the experience

I played them on my CD player, although shuffle came up at some point, I remember the sequence of which songs came first, how the album had phases etc. For example DMX ‘And Then There Was X’ was powerful from start to finish. Although I was too young to fully appreciate it at the time, he was baring his soul on the project.

Rachael of Lake Street Dive talks about the pros and cons of streaming:

Benefits of music streaming

The advantage is if you can have a hit while learning to make a full-length project, you can learn on the job and you can for example come and play concerts in Copenhagen while doing it.

Connecting at the concert:
Sometimes the reverse happens to connecting to an album and then going to the show in Copenhagen. J. Cole forced me to listen his whole album 2014 forest hills drive when he played it from start to finish on tour. It has had a special place in my heart every since. A big part of this was the story of every song he told. Did J. Cole disrupt the whole music streaming system? Funny he was the man to break spotify records with one of his albums.

There are always anomalies, that classic album that will make you drop everything and play it on repeat without skipping. I for one enjoy the progression of seeing an artist play warm-up act, then come back as the lead act, and it all started with their singles.

Do you listen to albums from start to finish?

How often?

A message from our supporter, Rhys Lewis who unfortunately won’t be coming to Copenhagen on his European Tour – long live the Shy Light Zone.