Human Touch

Bob Marley is the king of reggae.

One of his princes – Ziggy, is coming to grace a Copenhagen stage at Vega in July – here’s everything you need to be aware of – a blow by blow for this music heavyweight.

Ziggy Marley’s music is about hope – a voice for the voiceless, a man of the people after all he learned from the best considering his legendary father.

He boasts six solo albums – a grand total of ten group albums, where he teamed up with siblings including Stephen Marley – as head of Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers.

He has guest starred on TV – released a novel and cookbook but I would choose to highlight the music and philanthropy. On Hawaii five-0 he played an undocumented Jamaican immigrant seeking a green card to provide credibility for his information about smuggling – a humanitarian.

He is certainly also a humanitarian off screen. Most recently – this man who has made a living off of sweet sounds and his voice – has joined the fight against oral cancer. The oral cancer foundation in the States – have auctioned off Ziggy prizes including a meet and greet. Putting his money where his mouth is – for sure.

Although Hawaii was his first acting gig on the small screen – he already has the highest prize in television in the states – an Emmy award and this was naturally for best song in the Children’s and Animations category – for 3rd & Bird.  From the small screen to the big screen.

The man known for lighting up the green – (example: his novel with accompanying music – marijuanaman) has recently gotten the green light to produce a Bob Marley film. Let’s hope more great music comes of it – just like the newly released Rebellion Rises project.

The ten song CD features two generations of Marleys on the cover – as Ziggy is with his young son at the beach – will you be on hand when Ziggy is bringing the good vibes to Copenhagen?

Photo credits: Gregory Bojorquez & Zach Weinberg