Are music videos dead?

The days of multi-million dollar budget music videos have given way to lower budget ones for more videos than just the main singles – that are uploaded to YouTube.

Setting in the West


A great example is Kanye – he used to really innovate with his music videos. He also let all of us hear about it – he famously took an MTV Europe stage and declared I spent a million dollars on this video fam – I had Pamela Anderson…

The video in question ‘Touch The Sky’ had cameos from multiple celebrities.

Do you remember Late Registration days Kanye?

Now the latest album ‘Ye’ has been out for a couple of weeks with no music videos and only 7 tracks but that’s another story. It seems like if the medium of music videos was really poppin’ – he could have released videos for each song – easy.

That’s not all

Although the album dropped 65% in sales week too – it seems like streaming is the target – on music streaming that is and not on YouTube as videos.

Staying with the big dogs – Jay and B dropped their Apeshit music video to coincide with their surprise album release and world tour. The video was in this case part of the marketing strategy and for the married couple – maybe just another chance to have fun.

A buzzing up-and-coming musician with plenty of dues paid and songwriting credits – Eric Bellinger, recently used a fun music video to highlight a chance at a summer hit with Ne-Yo, a chance to give his career a real boost.

It seems like wasted efforts to go big budget because something small can go viral – at any time.

When a music video is good – it’s still really good, but priorities change and as hard as it is to sell a CD – giving up your money to create a visual for the fans is wasteful – and that’s a real shame.

The only exception is when there are multiple videos from one album so you get some kind of visual representation for each song.