I’m an optimist – writing helps me find my groove, like a professional bowler in shoes that fit perfectly rolling the bowling ball with it all on the line, avoiding the gutter and knocking down each pin to full satisfaction.

Similar to a golfer with a large belly and larger control of the club – listening to 50 Cent In Da Club as he achieves a hole in one.

Oh yes – Quotes By Eric features sports references.

I was talking about my groove, in said groove, I pour out my heart and soul via inspirational life quotes. Pour them out like a bartender pouring alcohol-free drinks because I must keep my mind sharp. Pour out like the rain – trying to catch the reign, purple as Prince in Minnesota buzzing – trying to get a contract the size of Minnesota Quarterback Kirk Cousins’.

When you pour your heart from your pores does it cause pain – do you give away your power or purple reign? Do people do it all for the fame – Bryson Tiller would call it an Exchange.

But I am about interaction and interchange – ending the comfort zone quick, preferring the process over choosing to chase getting rich because you can still end up lonely and sick.