As a person who has written and directed three plays, I can’t help but notice that this part of my profile stands out to employers. Mostly positively. Mostly…

Not content – with mediocre content

While I view it as an awesome hobby that I am not trying to convert into a career – they use it to question my commitment to my craft of creating great content. It is part of my path to being a corporate storyteller – a stepping stone to cement my assent to be the content creator of the century. Like an old champion that isn’t content but wants more championships.

Pen on point

Similarly – I grew up wanting to be a journalist and I find it to be so much fun – but it doesn’t block my ability to produce content – it simply enhances the precision and originality of it. I’m an experienced blogger – let me put that to use for your company.

Full court (word)press

Like a true team talent – I am eager to make myself useful. This can, for instance, be with administrative tasks. I’m well-versed in WordPress and if I’m not authoring content I can copy, paste and upload it. Furthermore, as overlooked a skill – not seeing the forest for the trees, I can proofread till my head hurts and my eyes pop.

Wouldn’t you like me to pop up on your team list?