Hustle is hard work – combine it with shrewdness: smart work and a little pinch of persistence and you will have the punch needed to give your career a kickstart.

Kill your comfort with kindness

For me comfort is the enemy – I’m always challenging myself, whether

  • chasing down access to a concert,
  • securing an artist interview
  • and finally posing questions in that interview.
  • Networking by phone and email is imperative
  • and once you are facing that monster – the artist, like staring down that tiger in the wild jungle, poise and keeping your cool works better than playing dead to prevent them from eating you alive.
  • If you are prepared enough – which is the key, then there should be no way of telling who the real dangerous predator is.
  • You are there to get answers to your questions – in that context that musical tiger is nothing but a mere pussycat.

I had to have every bit of my cool when I, for instance, interviewed Grammy-nominated performer Rapsody.

Keeping the positive in mind

Confidence comes from accomplishment. So, when I had my social media packs presented to the global sales companies at VELUX – or had newsletters sent out to 11k+ readers, I could have been overwhelmed but I handled it with my standard even temperament.

How I honed the hustle

I think it’s the start-up and non-profit experience in me, that allowed me to unleash my work ethic in a work context. I’m used to going the extra mile –

  • like on my first day at Hybrid Play and Games where I translated some game dialogue from Danish to English and wrote the game’s App Store description.
  • At Aqubiq on day one I set up the profiles and analytics to measure social media performance.
  • Creating content is the easy part – so I created a bunch early. After all, you have to set the tone right from the outset, right?
  • I wasn’t just a frontrunner – I brought the same enthusiasm months in that I did on day one.

So, combine

  1. hustle,
  2. a willingness to work
  3. with preparation
  4. and handle your assignments with flair and enthusiasm.
  5. Then watch your obstacles evaporate.

That’s the formula to follow when wanting to attack your challenges head on! I call myself a monster with three heads – journalist-creative-strategic communicator.